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By Alex Foultz
Wilton High School has three students heading to state competition for various events in speech. These students will compete at the state competition for the Iowa High School Speech Association.

The Iowa High School Speech Association is an organization that focuses on building students’ communication skills. It holds competitions every year, with one of the final competitions being state competition. The only competition taking place after state is all-state. Students must advance from districts to state, where they must receive a high rating from two of three judges, with recommendations from said judges. The competition categories for the association are debate, large group, and individual events.

Lief Clevenger advanced to state in the After Dinner Speaking event. Clevenger must give a speech in a way that it would be given after a formal dinner. The speech he gives may be informative, inspiring, impressive, or even humorous, but it must stay with a theme. This speech is limited to five minutes.

Sam Goodwin advanced to state in Radio News Broadcasting. This event begins with the student selecting and editing news material in a preparation room, where they have 30 minutes to bring together a news broadcast from international, national, and state news, as well as weather and sports. They must also present a commercial and a “breaking news” segment. The breaking news will be given as the student reads their news copy. Goodwin must give his broadcast over a microphone, out of view of the judges. It must be no shorter than four minutes, and no longer than five minutes.

The third student to advance to state competition is Jake Said. Said advances in both Radio News Broadcasting and Spontaneous Speaking. Spontaneous Speaking requires a short, made-up speech that can have to do with anything from the war on terror to padlocks on lockers. This event is meant to build logical analysis, organization, and effective delivery skills of the students competing. Students draw three topics, which are often controversial, a mere two minutes before their speaking time. They then select one and give a speech on it. They are allowed to use a notecard. Said will have to give a five minute speech on his topic.

The state competition takes place in four different locations, one for each district. The Wilton team will compete for the Southeast district at the Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids on March 10.

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