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On Monday, November 19th, the West Liberty Police Department (WLPD) held their inaugural Laundering Money community event. Four officers went to local laundromats (West Liberty Coin Laundry and Soapbox Laundry) and paid for every customer’s laundry and supplies from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.
Police Chief Kary Kinmonth found the inspiration for the fundraiser while watching the show Returning the Favor. In one episode, a woman converted a truck into a mobile laundromat and offered free washing and drying. Kinmonth thought a laundry event for his community could have a similar impact.
To get Laundering Money going, Kinmonth called West Liberty Foods and asked if they could help fund the event. Kinmonth had worked with the group the year before for his Tickets for Turkeys promotion (where officers pulled people over and presented them with vouchers for free turkeys) and thought they could help again. As Kinmonth had hoped, the company came through and donated the money needed to spend on laundry, as well as turkey vouchers to give away. Kinmonth also contacted Walmart in Muscatine, which graciously donated all the supplies used for the event. “It was the easiest fundraiser ever,” Kinmonth joked. “It only took two phone calls.”
In the week leading up to Laundering Money, the WLPD promoted their event on Facebook to make sure everyone knew about it. Their publicity worked. Between their two locations, they washed and dried $400 worth of laundry and gave away fifty turkey vouchers. Kinmonth shared, “It was very well received. We got a lot of hugs and compliments.”
Going forward, Kinmonth hopes to make Laundering Money an annual event. “We would love to make this an annual event. . . . In police work, we don’t always get to see people at their very best . . . . This lets us meet people on better terms and humanize the badge.”

Full Service Westside