The Burrito Factory, located at 600 Park Ave, Muscatine.

Muscatine has many great Mexican restaurants to choose from, but how many have you heard of that feature completely homemade wet burritos? Anyone curious to learn more about this signature offering, or looking for any freshly made Mexican cuisine should pay a visit to the Burrito Factory, and get acquainted will all the delicious delicacies they have to offer.
A new addition to Muscatine’s local dining scene, owner Maxine Garcia feels the Burrito Factory’s commitment to making the freshest meals possible sets it apart from the competition. “We make everything from scratch,” she explains. “We make our [tortilla] dough daily, and we don’t get anything pre-packaged.” To showcase their home cooking and wholesome ingredients, the Burrito Factory makes and fills guest’s tortillas while they watch. Garcia shared, “we press [the tortillas] right before your eyes. When the tortilla is pressed, we cook it right there and fill it with your favorite things from our salad bar, veggies and meat.” The high quality of the Burrito Factory’s food stands out, and customers notice it. Garcia says she frequently hears people leaving her restaurant say “it was great! We had a good meal,” and she finds all the positive feedback deeply rewarding.
As a new business (the Burrito Factory opened this year on April 13th) many people have questions about the Burrito Factory, but the restaurant’s trademark wet burrito attracts by far the most interest and inquiries. “[People] always ask when they come in and look at the menu, what is the wet burrito?” laughs Garcia. Having heard the question so many times, she finds it amusing just how much people want to know about it. To answer all their questions, Garcia replies, “it is our burrito smothered with our signature queso.” Though some diners feel a little intimidated by the creation, Garcia states wet burritos represent one of the Burrito Factory’s most popular dishes. “They’re a little afraid when I pour that queso on, but once they start eating, they don’t care. It’s messy, but it’s worth it,” observes Garcia.
For those willing to explore past the wet burritos, Garcia recommends the burrito bowls. She notes, “burrito bowls are getting to be very popular as well because they have everything you put into your burrito without the tortilla.” Garcia also suggests guests try the loaded nachos and the house salsa—which she makes in three different strengths ranging from a mild salsa, “for people who can’t take any heat,” to a hot salsa, “for people that can eat fire.”
With their wide selection of fresh options, the Burrito Factory surely has something just for you. Whether you want to become one of Muscatine’s growing number of wet burrito fans, or you want to try something more familiar, Garcia and her crew will have exactly what you want. Located at 600 Park Ave, Muscatine, the Burrito Factory serves lunch and dinner from 11am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday.