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Muscatine High School is always looking for ways to give back. The school does fundraisers such as can drives, Senior Survivor, and Mr. Muscatine. On Monday, April 17, Muscatine High School students gave back in a way that didn’t involve raising money. On this day, volunteer students of all grades at Muscatine High School came together to help the community through acts of service.

Students had the opportunity to sign up through different groups they are involved with at the high school. If students were not involved in a club, they could sign up with other clubs or activities.

The first half of the day, Spanish 4 worked in the Weed Park Zoo gardens clearing dead leaves and cleaning litter, and they also placed new mulch around the trees. The second half of the day, they helped with garden work around town as well as with some general repairs to houses that were damaged by the recent tornado. Other groups like football, French, and SOAP cleaned up trees, cleared fences, and painted around town.

“My favorite part of the day was not only spending time with my group, but being able to see the community as a whole working together to help those who needed it,” said Kaleb Drawbaugh, who took part in Day of Caring activities with Spanish 4.

Day of Caring is a day that is important for the students and the community. It helps those in need around the community while giving students a chance to give back. The students were fed lunch halfway through the day by Guy and a Grill at the Riverfront.

Day of Caring is an annual event that Muscatine students take part in every spring.

Full Service Westside