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Muscatine High School student’s are organizing a prayer group on November 8th for students to join together and pray for the 2016 election. Students are welcome to meet at the flag pole at 12:20 p.m. and have an open prayer time.

This meeting was inspired by the event “See you at the Pole”, a day where students come to pray over the school. This meeting is meant to bring students together to pray for the country and the candidates of the election.

“As we come to election day, we know this nation needs prayer more than ever,” Says senior, Allison Ryan. Allison put out word for the event and got approval on Wednesday afternoon.

The goal of this event is to bring prayer to the country and make students feel comfortable praying for their school at school with other students. Letting students know that there are other people with religious views around them is a good way to meet new friends and get involved in groups like SOAP (Students of Active Prayer).

All high school students are welcome to participate and are encouraged to attend if they feel interested in doing so.

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