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Muscatine County Attorney Alan R. Ostergren announced today (May 30, 2018) that BRYAN GIOVANNI BEJARANO-MORENO, 24, of Muscatine, was found guilty after a two-day jury trial of burglary in the first degree and domestic abuse assault causing bodily injury.

The evidence at trial showed that BEJARANO broke into the residence of his estranged wife and waited for her to return home. When she did he assaulted her by striking her with his hands, feet, and household objects. Muscatine Police Department officers responded to a welfare check at the residence and interrupted the assault.

BEJARANO will be sentenced July 27, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. He is being held in the Muscatine County Jail without bond awaiting sentencing.

“I would like to thank the work of the Muscatine Police Deparment in investigating this case” said Ostergren. “They intervened to prevent more harm to the victim and provided me with the evidence needed to successfully prosecute this case,” Ostergren added. “Finally, I would like to thank the victim who showed great strength during both the assault and in follow through the criminal justice process.”

The defendant faces a mandatory sentence of imprisonment for a term not to exceed 25 years on the burglary charge and a one-year sentence on the domestic abuse charge.

BEJARANO’s mugshot:

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