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Teenagers and drama are two words that typically go hand-in-hand—or at least David Lane, the Director of Theatre Arts at Muscatine Community College, hopes they do. MCC will be hosting a four-week series of workshops for high school students who are interested.

The program will teach students lessons in auditioning, set design, acting development, and improvisation. “We want to provide a series that kind of touches on all the different skills a person in the theater should have, and have fun, too,” said Lane.

The first workshop will be on July 15, 2017, and will be taught by Lane about the auditioning process. “When I hold auditions, I do cold reads. I give the actor a segment of the script to read over and quickly develop and work with their scene partner and then let me do their thing. I think a lot of young actors don’t realize that is okay to ask questions at an audition. The director usually likes it if the actor is really trying to understand the scene.”

The following Saturday will focus on set design, led by Darren Thompson, a set designer and instructor in St. Louis. “Darren is one of the best around. He will help the students learn how to make 3D renderings using Google Sketchup and projection design,” Lane said.

The third week will focus on acting and living in the moment, led by Scott Community College instructor Kevin Babbitt. “This workshop will help develop skills at being a good scene partner, which is important for auditioning and developing a role,” said Lane. The final Saturday will be a workshop put on by ComedySportz of the Quad Cities on improvisation. “This will a lot of fun for the students. I took Improv 101 from ComedySportz and it is a great time, and these kids are getting a great deal.”

The workshops cost $15.00 per Saturday and include lunch. They are for students entering their freshman year of high school through their senior year of high school. Register online at www.eicc.edu/ce/MCCsummer2017

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