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Students at Muscatine Community College who participate in the Harry Potter: Film as Literature course enjoy an experience, unlike other classes that are available on the campus.

The semester begins with students being sorted into the four houses of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff) and ends with the students being required to bring an aspect of the books and films to life.

The students in this year’s course have decided to host a quidditch match. Quidditch is the main sporting event in J.K. Rowling’s magical world. In the books and films, the game is played by two teams of seven people (three chasers, two beaters, one keeper, and one seeker) and involves four balls (a quaffle, two bludgers, and a golden snitch). The players fly around the quidditch pitch (field) while playing the game.

Colleges and universities around the world have developed a way to play the game on the ground, involving holding a broom in one hand while throwing and catching the ball in the other.

The game is played with dodge balls taking the place of the quaffle. When the quaffle goes through one of three hoops at the end of the pitch, the team scores 10 points. This aspect of the game is similar to soccer. The role of goalie is called a keeper. This person is responsible for protecting the hoops from the other team’s chasers. The chasers are the scoring players.

The two beaters are extra enforcement for the keeper. Their job is to throw a smaller dodge ball, a bludger, at their opponents’ chasers to prevent them from scoring.

While the chasers, beaters, and keepers are concerned with the three rings and scoring, there is a second component to the game happening at the same time.

The golden snitch, in the books, is a small metal ball that flies around on its own and is very difficult to catch. Once caught, it is worth 150 points and signifies the end of the game.

In the non-magical version, the snitch is a tennis ball inside of a sock, worn in a similar fashion as a flag in flag football. The person who has been designated as the snitch is not part of either team and is a neutral athlete.  The seeker from each team is attempting to capture the snitch. In this version of the game, capturing the snitch is worth 30 points.

MCC students have formed a team, the Pearl City Dementors, and will be challenging a team from Augustana College in Rock Island. The teams will play three games beginning at noon on Saturday, April 29. The games will be held on the campus of MCC.

MCC English instructor Jim Compton teaches the Harry Potter course. He states that the plan is for the games to become an annual event. Compton has been working with Chad Bishop, who oversees intramurals at MCC, as well as Jim Elias, MCC business instructor.

Classes have held games in the past, but this year’s is the largest production to date.

The game is open to the public.

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