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The Kiddie Barnyard is an event that showcases everything from dog agility to tractors to chainsaw cutting for children in daycare, preschool, and kindergarten. The event was held May 4 at the Agriculture Learning Center. The Muscatine FFA assisted with the event.

Summer Neece, Muscatine FFA Chapter President, stated that this is an event that has been going on for quite some time and showcases a variety of different animals and activities.

“We have dog agility, we have pony rides, we have a tractor from Sinclair, we have sheep shearing, and then on our horse side we have sheep, chickens, goats, bucket calves. We also have some fish outside. On our cattle side we have cattle, more sheep, we have hayrack rides. I believe there’s a pony ride going on, and then we have some chainsaw cutting,” Neece said.

Laura Bina runs Ponies R Us, LLC, who provided 12 ponies for this event. Ponies R Us has been a part of the Kiddie Barnyard since 2003 and Bina even helped with the event in high school.

Ponies R Us takes ponies all the way to Chicago. Cost of the ponies vary according to venue size and the event itself. The fall season is booked in advance, so the sooner a person books, the better. Bina stated that she enjoys “seeing the kids smile and have such a good time.”

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