Full Service Westside

Last week I hosted many wonderful guests, beginning with Kevin Jenison on Monday, where we talked about the flood levels and the city’s preparedness for such events. Kevin and I discussed how the city goes about preparing for floods and other natural problems. I was encouraged by the dedication to detail and the work that the city puts in to ensure the safety of citizens and businesses that may be affected by flood waters.

On Tuesday, I spoke with Bosch Pest control about an award they had won from the Better Business Bureau. It is refreshing to see a local Muscatine business rewarded for being an outstanding employer and for treating customers with compassion and care.

Wednesday, Dave Bakke and I discussed the beginning of spring and everything that brings for the Conservation Board. With the change of seasons in full swing, the Conservation Board has entered a very busy time of year with the opening of parks and other recreational areas. They work year-round to guarantee the safety and health of our natural surroundings.

Thursday, I was joined by Thomas Emerick and Ann Meeker from the group trying to establish the World Peace Park. They have an interesting mission that is aimed at creating ways for different cultures to experience Muscatine and our culture here.

And finally, on Friday Tim Scott spoke with Russ Parker from Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network about their services and what they provide to Iowa. They work to create a resource for Iowa farmers with information and news pertaining to the world of agriculture.

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Full Service Westside