Full Service Westside

Last week on Moving Forward I hosted Angela Woodhouse and Paul Thielman from the Muscatine City Arts Council on Monday. Tanner Niehaus and Cooper Zeck told me about their upcoming after-prom event on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was joined by Kelley Brees from Frontier Futures to discuss ag futures. Finally, on Friday, I spoke with Rachel Connors from Comprehensive Rehab to explain all the services that they offer.

When Angela, Paul, and I had a chance to sit down, they walked us through the upcoming 2019 Sidewalk Poetry Competition – Wandering Words. This is a yearly competition where the public is encouraged to submit up to two poems, with the chance that it will be etched into a sidewalk somewhere in Muscatine.

Tuesday, Tanner and Cooper came to fill in parents with some details on C.A.P.E., the after-prom carnival. It is a great way for the students to celebrate safely immediately following the prom while also giving them the chance to win some great prizes, including a car!

On Wednesday, Kelley gave a lesson on Ag Futures and what the markets look like in our area. With as little experience as I have with futures, hearing firsthand from him the importance of farmers working with futures was incredible.

And on Friday, Rachel explained in detail how the folks at Comprehensive Rehab cater to each individual’s needs when it comes to rehabilitation. They work with all ages to create a path to recovery, and they have expertise in many different fields of rehabilitation.

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Full Service Westside