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A fire was reported today at the Muscatine Power and Water plant located south of Muscatine.

At approximately 12:35 p.m., a piece of equipment reportedly failed, leaking lube oil onto the equipment below it.  A small fire broke out due to the leak.  Muscatine Power and Water employees attempted to put the fire out and were unsuccessful.

The Muscatine Fire Department responded to the scene and the fire was contained.

No injuries were reported, though one MPW employee reported heat exhaustion.

According to Brandy Olson, MPW Director of Legal and Regulatory Services, Unit 9 will be offline for several days to undergo a repair assessment.

Units 7 and 8 will be running at that time.  No disruptions in power are expected for customers.

Olson explained that the company has the ability to purchase addition power from the power grid if the need arises during the repairs.

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