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This summer at Muscatine Community College, you may see more 8- to 14-year-olds than you will see college students. MCC is hosting summer camps for 8- through 14-year-olds all summer, along with Scott Community College and Clinton Community College. These camps are sponsored by Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, and camps are held at all three campus locations. Each class has an age group either ranging from 8 to 11 or 12 to 14.

This is the third year the EICC has been hosting these children’s camps. The camps are a week long and range in subjects that are intended to be not only fun but also educational. This summer, Muscatine is hosting classes including YouTube Studio, Robotics, Minecraft designers, Star Wars Stop Action, and For the Love of Animals. In the past, they have also done camps for babysitting that included CPR training.

Each year, more classes are being added to make the camp more fun and exciting for children. For example, computer classes are getting more and more popular, so the program is adding more computer-oriented classes each year. The college tries to determine the staff’s interests and turn strong subjects into a class that children would enjoy.

The camp started three years ago as an effort to get more people on the EICC campuses. The campuses wanted people to be more familiar with their schools, and the camp was a great activity for children in the summer to keep their minds and bodies active. This year, the camps attracted up to 450 students between all three campuses, and they are still expecting more sign ups.

“I love hearing that the children enjoy camp, because that means that the camp is serving its purpose,” says Gale Roder, the manager in continuing education. Gale is in charge of organizing the program for all of the schools. They are always open to new suggestions.

Each class is $129 for a Monday through Friday course, but scholarships are available for financial help. You can get information on how to apply for scholarships when registering. Registration is available all summer at the Eastern Iowa Community College website, or you can call the campus at (563) 441-4100.

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