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Darkest Hour released on December 22 but has just now come to the local area. Those interested in the film can go out and see it now. 


Darkest Hour is the story of Winston Churchill’s election as Great Britain’s prime minister during the Nazi Blitz in the spring of 1940. With the British army surrounded, Churchill must decide whether to negotiate peace with Adolf Hitler or continue to fight. 

Pro – Gary Oldman 

If you follow showbiz news, you’re likely aware of the praise and awards Oldman has been collecting for his portrayal of the iconic British leader. It is well deserved. Gary Oldman is transformative in the role. He looks the part, he sounds the part, and he seemingly becomes the part in what has to be considered the greatest role of his career.   

A quick Google search will show you why the physical transformation alone is so amazing, but even that is not to be outdone by the mannerisms and depth Oldman imbues into one of the most iconic international figures of the last 100 years. It’s hard to overstate how great he is. 

Pro – History alive 

I will be the first to admit I’m a sucker for history, as my college major and resume will attest. If you are also a fan of history, this is a great movie. It gives depth and context to an important, but often overlooked part of the biggest conflict of the 20th century. Even most fans of history will find information and insight to glean from the transition from Neville Chamberlin’s “appeasement” politics to Churchill’s firebrand approach. 

Further, loving detail is given to 1940 London. It’s always fascinating to see great films bring alive another time period with costuming, set construction, and locations. This film teleports the viewer back to another time. 

Pro – Drama 

Darkest Hour is a film set amid the backdrop of World War II that has little to no “action.” This isn’t a war movie; it is a drama, and a great one at that.  

The intrigue of the movie lies in two main areas. The first is Churchill’s tenuous rise to prime minister and the machinations of his own, and that of others, to entrench or remove him from that position. Churchill is a complicated historical figure, and Darkest Hour does a great job of showing the complexity of a flawed man who is rightly praised for having what was needed at a most critical hour. The film paints a robust picture of the man, warts and all. 

The second compelling part of the drama is the major decision Churchill must make immediately upon becoming prime minister. With the entire British professional army surrounded and trapped on the French coast, should the British negotiate peace with Nazi Germany, or should they fight on? The gravity and uncertainty of this decision is enormous, and the movie does a great job of showcasing that.   

Darkest Hour is a great movie to go see, and an absolute can’t-miss for anyone interested in Churchill, World War II, or just excellent historical dramas.   

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