Yet again the Muscatine Community YMCA (Y) continues to be a helpful resource to our thriving community by offering their after-school program, Kids Club. Generally, something that young people need in their life is a sense of direction and someone to support them, something that isn’t always available to them. Fortunately, because of the YMCA’s, K-5th grade after school program they offer just that. The main focus in the Kids Club is on fitness and wellness, science and technology, humanities, homework support, and the arts with multiple activities designed to explore each one thoroughly. Before school hours are 6:45-8:15 am and after school from 3:15-6:00 pm. All children are welcome to come by after school for a delicious healthy snack or even to come in beforehand for a filling breakfast. In terms of transportation to and from the Y that is covered.
Kids are bussed to and from the Y through the Muscatine School District. Of course, the program is held to a particular set of standards directly from the Department of Human Services and the State of Iowa which means that there is a fee, but don’t let that stop you. What some people may not know is that the program accepts Department of Human Services Child Care assistance and even offers several scholarships to kids. There is also a 15% discount for additional children from the same family.  “That four-six, three-six time during the day are the worst times for kids…these are also the times that people who aren’t making good choices are out and about which could be harmful to those others,” stated Amy Hessel Character Development Director at the Y. According to Hessel, being part of a club like this has huge benefits. “The thing about the Y is that it’s something different every day and no matter what you do, you make a difference in someone’s life.”
 This helps keep kids out of trouble and out of harm’s way, hopefully providing stability and some sense of direction for kids to help them be the best they can be. This Kids Club is one of the many offered by the Muscatine Community YMCA, there are clubs and programs for all kinds of people from wanting to learn how to swim, or to bettering one’s character. If you have any questions regarding the Kids Club or other youth programs, please feel free to contact Amy Hessel at [email protected]