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Have you ever pondered why it is that children are required to sit in car seats and booster seats when in a vehicle? If you are anything like me, you have likely thought to yourself, “They’re old enough that they don’t need the booster seat anymore.” I was unaware just how big a difference those booster seats can make in the case of a crash. I had Linda Cavazos and Amanda Mckee in studio with me last week and we discussed car seat safety, and the important role they play in keeping your children safe during a car crash.
Linda was adamant about how critical it is to have your young ones strapped into the correct harnesses or seats for their age and weight. She pointed out that the correct use of a car seat by infants under one year old reduces the likelihood of death in a car accident by 71%. And car seats used by toddlers ages one to four reduces the chance of death by 54%. These are incredibly significant numbers to consider when deciding what to use as a car seat.
We also discussed how important it is for older youth to use booster seats, if necessary, as well. When we spoke, I asked what the reasoning was behind a booster seat, and Linda explained that it has everything to do with where the seatbelt rests on their body. They want to make sure that the child’s legs are straight forward towards the seat in front of them, that they hang off the seat like normal.
If you have any questions and concerns look up Linda Cavazos with Lutheran Services, they can give you the training and knowledge to successfully protect your kids in the event of a car crash.
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