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Chris and Melissa Anderson are no strangers to the halls of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. For the past ten years, the couple has relied on the hospital for their family’s care. The Andersons’ son Connor died in infancy, and their daughter Ainsley needs regular care and attention from UIHC facilities. Because of the kindness and care they have received, along with many families in Muscatine and the areas surrounding UIHC, the couple has taken great strides to fundraise and give back.

Due to the importance of the hospital to their family, and many families like theirs, the Andersons have founded the The Ainsley Faith Foundation. Chris explains that the foundation “seeks to prepare them for leading medical teams as patients, parents, or family members through the principles of patient and family-centered care, as well as be a conduit to other available services and fundraising options.”

The foundation will partner with local health care providers to educate on the values of patient and family-centered care as well as inform them of the resources available to their patients. The hope is to offer assistance to many children and families, especially in the Muscatine area, who face demanding health care situations that thrust them into a realm they are often unprepared to face.

Chris continues, “We’ve been on the Family Advisory Council at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for four years, participating in projects such as the new hospital design, the Pediatric Specialty Clinic redesign, focusing on implementing lean and patient-centered principles from inception, speaking to all new nurses about the experience of patients and families, including how they can partner with families, speaking to third-year medical students about the importance of patient and family-centered care, presenting to the entire Pediatric Faculty about the value of patient-centered rounds, and assisting in the creation of presentations by Children’s Hospital staff at national conferences.”

The couple is sponsoring the Kolors 4 Kids run this Saturday in Weed Park. Proceeds from the run will be used to help other families who rely on the University for their children’s care.

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