Full Service Westside

Dear Parents:

I understand that the decision to not follow our wind chill advisory/warning protocol as written left many of you confused and frustrated this morning. The guideline was put into place to ensure the safety of our students and to give parents adequate time to plan for childcare or a way for their students to get to school should a late start be issued. What we did not plan for, that worked against our guideline, was if the National Weather Service issued an advisory after the time of day that our operational school day begins.

This morning the district had ample time for buses to be ready and the timing of the announcement created a situation that a delay could create more problems than it would have prevented. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather nor the timing of advisories.

Please know that my concern is for every student’s safety and well-being. If, however, my decision goes against yours as a parent, please remember that you have the right to keep your child home from school.

We will be re-working the guideline/protocol to minimize any future confusion and frustration.

Jerry Riibe

Full Service Westside