In Tuesday evenings caucuses, Donald Trump won Muscatine in the republican race, while Marco Rubio won the state.

In Muscatine County, the top three placements were:
29.8% Donald Trump
26.3% Marco Rubio
23.95 Ted Cruz

For the state, with 98% of precincts reporting:
27.7% Ted Cruz
24.3% Donald Trump
23.1% Marco Rubio

In the democratic races, Bernie Sanders won Muscatine, while Hillary Clinton and Sanders virtually tied for the state.
In Muscatine County, the totals were:
53.8 % Sanders
46.2% Clinton

For the state, with 93% of precincts reported:
50.2% Hillary Clinton
49.3% Bernie Sanders

The candidates will be moving on to the New Hampshire on Tuesday, February 9.