Wilton High School senior Trey Brisker started 2018 with a victory. On Tuesday, January 2, Trey won his 150th wrestling match.

Trey has been wrestling since preschool as a hobby, but really started to care about it and take it seriously when he hit 5th grade. Trey was exposed to wrestling at a young age, as his dad was a club coach as well at the Wilton High School coach. He started going to practice with his dad and became interested from there.

“I was too scared at first, but then my dad had me try it.” says Trey.

Trey currently wrestles in the 152-pound weight class. He not only wrestles for Wilton High School but also currently wrestles for Big Game Wrestling Club and has wrestled for Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club in the past four years. Trey also participated in the Iowa National teams, traveling to Fargo, North Dakota, over the summer for freestyle nationals.

Wrestling always stood out to Trey over any other sport.

“I believe that it truly teaches a person discipline and responsibility,” says Trey. Trey has been taught discipline when having to watch his weight, and responsibility when he is training and needs to focus on skills that need improvement.

“Trey has always been a mature, responsible, focused, and goal-oriented child. From the time he was very young, he had a very inquisitive mind, always asking how things worked and why. He never gave up! It only seems fitting that he wants to be an engineer when he graduates from college.” says Jenny, Trey’s mom.

Trey has had the opportunity to train with state champions, travel around the country to other tournaments, and meet some of his greatest friends.

Being a leader on the team, and with people looking up to him, Trey has to hold himself to a higher standard.

“I have to always to do what is right and what is best. Sometimes it’s not always the easiest, but it’s better knowing it’s the right choice I made,” says Trey.

After high school, Trey will continue wrestling at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He will major in aeronautical engineering and plans to become a pilot after college.