At the midterm of the first semester of the 20162017 school year, Wilton Community School District is enjoying the fruits of the new school being open. The bright new facility is home to some of the largest enrollment numbers in school history. “It has been great,” said Elementary Principal Denise Austin. “The kids have so much school pride. They have a great playground and green space to play in. It just has been a wonderful start.”

The new facility was constructed at the north end of the existing middle school and high school on Cypress Street in Wilton. The project included the relocation of the high school baseball field that was constructed a few years ago. The new facility has simplified processes. Food service now only has to operate in one facility. Superintendent Joe Burnett now has access to all faculty and staff in a single location.

“From fourth grade down to kindergarten, we have between 70 and 80 kids in each class. The new facility is better equipped to handle growing enrollment,” said Austin. The large classrooms allow for better classroom management for the teachers, as they have more room to facilitate group projects and team-based learning.

The newly attached building allows for the high school peer mentoring program to work better. “It has certainly made peer mentoring easier. The high school students can just walk down the hall to help read with the elementary students.”

The new facility features classrooms with smart boards. The facility is air-conditioned, unlike the old elementary school, which is a significant improvement.