The old Wilton Elementary School was demolished recently. Wilton’s growing enrollment and the need for repair were the catalysts for the new facility. “It’s time,” said Wilton parent and resident Brandon Grunder. “It is bittersweet. I went to school at the old elementary, my parents did, my son went there. But the new facility will just provide so much more opportunity and provide a much better learning environment.” Grunder and his wife Marisa’s son will be in second grade and their daughter will be in kindergarten this year. “I think it is really neat that our daughter will be in the first class to go kindergarten-12 in the same building.”
The district held several alumni events to give former students one last time to walk through the old school. The weekend of June 25, the district held an auction. They sold items from the school. “I think we brought in over $10,000 at the auction, and most of the things were priced between $5 and $10,” said Burnett. The new Wilton Elementary School opened on schedule this school year.