A Pinewood Derby is a long-standing Boy Scout tradition. To those familiar with the process, it all seems so simple, so intuitive.
For those who were not a scout in their youth, there may be a few questions.
Each scout is provided with a kit to start. The kit includes a block of wood and four wheels.
Each scout is to determine the design and style of their car.
The wood is then cut (with proper supervision), sanded, and painted.
Once the day of the derby arrives, each car is carefully weighed before racing can begin.
Each car is placed in a set at the top of the track in a set and then released. Computer timing is used to ensure accuracy. Each car will race three times. The times are averaged to determine the overall winner.
Experienced racers know the importance of weight placement and speed over style.
Beginners get to experience building their own car from their own design. In all, the derby proves to be a fun evening.

Grant Elementary Pack 700 raced their cars against the clock at the Pinewood Derby