Kary Kinmonth is in his first weeks as the police chief in West Liberty. The Bellevue, Iowa, native is taking on the police chief role in his third community. Kinmonth was looking for his next professional challenge. “We loved it in Mitchellville, but we were wanting to get back over to this part of the state, and West Liberty is a little bit bigger community than Mitchellville,” Kinmonth said.
Kinmonth has served in several different law enforcement roles in his career. The Air Force veteran served as a D.A.R.E. Officer and School Resource Officer, and he places a lot of value in having a police force work with the youth of the community. “I’ve been around schools and been around kids. To me, this is the number one thing we should be doing—working with kids and reaching out to the community. Especially if they don’t have a strong positive influence in their life, with cyber bullying and all that stuff that goes on. These kids need to have someone they can trust.”
Kinmonth wants his department to be involved in the community. “I am a firm believer in our people getting out of the car and walking in the community. I want our officers to be invested in the community and to be a part of it, not just riding in their car and observing it.” Kinmonth also is excited to be involved with the community. “In some of the other communities I was in, we did a fishing program called Cops and Bobbers, where officers took at-risk kids fishing. We have Coffee with a Cop in West Liberty, which is a great way to sit down and just talk.”
Kinmonth believes in strong communication and relationships with the fire department and first responders, and is excited to hit the ground running in West Liberty. “I would like my officers to have the same goals and ambitions as I do. We want to make sure we are a part of the community and not apart from the community. I want our people to have ownership in our community.”