Are you a veteran with service-connected disabilities rated 30% or higher? Do you have a spouse, children under age 18, or children aged 18-23 who are pursuing post-secondary education? If you answered yes to these questions and you are not receiving monetary credit from the Department of Veterans Affairs for dependents, you should be. The amount that veterans receive for dependents depends on the service-connected disability rating and how many dependents they have. This amount is added to the veteran’s disability payment.

If you are eligible to receive money for your dependents, it is relatively simple to add them. For children, the veteran must provide the birthdate, birthplace, and Social Security number. The information needed for a spouse is birthdate, date and place of marriage, and Social Security number. If either the veteran or the spouse have been divorced, it is a good idea to submit a copy of the divorce papers, but information related to all divorce must be provided on the form.

If you are not sure that you are receiving credit for your dependents, need to add or remove dependents on your award, or if you have questions about other benefits, please contact Jen at (563) 262-4162.

Muscatine and Louisa County Veterans still need volunteer drivers for the DAV van. If you would like to volunteer to drive, please call Jen for details.