As we are starting to wind down the grilling season as far as retailers go, you might want to consider getting a good deal on some outdoor cooking equipment upgrades. The stores are looking to move into a new season and are usually starting to clearance a lot of their grilling, smoking, and general outside cooking equipment. This might be a good time to consider refreshing your grill with new burners, grill grates, and possibly grilling utensils. A lot of stores also have replacement knobs for the burners and such if yours may be wearing out or broken. You don’t always have to buy a new grill. You can practically rebuild elements on your grill and get more life out of it. I am on my second set of burners for my personal grill. It is a stainless steel unit, so the outside shell will last a long time, but the burners eventually wear out and need to be replaced. I recently upgraded to a GrillGrate system at home and am having fun playing with it. (Yes, I grill at home as well as all year long!)

You may want to consider a new grill/smoker cover to help protect your grill from the elements and extend the life of your investment. Over time, grill covers get weathered and wear out, so replacement periodically is a good thing to consider. Some of those grills and smokers get pretty costly. You want your grill to be protected and last as long as possible so it is ready to fire up when you are.

Another item to consider, if the deal is good, would be rotisseries. This is a good way to slow roast a beef roast, whole chicken, pork loin roast, and many other items. Most rotisseries will have a list of what grills they can work on. A lot of them are universal so they are able to fit a variety of grills. You can’t beat a rotisserie-roasted piece of meat cooked outside on the grill. Remember to always use a meat thermometer so you hit that sweet spot for perfection and don’t overcook your dinner. You can get a list of temperatures for what you are cooking online. These thermometers in the grilling section will probably get marked down to move also. They have all kinds of widgets and gadgets in the grilling section, so now might be a good time to try some of them out without breaking the bank!

If you like some smoke flavor but don’t want to purchase a smoker or spend multiple hours babysitting a smoker, you might want to consider a chip box for your grill. This is a steel perforated box that you place wood chips into and place directly on the burners or coals of your grill. You don’t have to own one as aluminum foil will work, but the box is pretty handy. You soak whatever flavor wood chips in water for a while, then drain and put them in the box. Put the box on the burner to get the smoke rolling and then grill like normal. The wood smoke will add a distinct twist of flavor to what you are cooking.

Grill on, everyone!