The 17th Annual Two Weeks of Love comes to an end this Friday. The first week, Freezin’ For Food, was held November 27 through December 1 and collected a trailer full of non-perishable food donations for the Salvation Army of Muscatine.

The food collected will be the bulk of donations for the Salvation Army of Muscatine the entire year, as this is the only time during the year they hold collections, although donations are welcome anytime.

This week is Toy Time, and the same trailer will be filled with new, unwrapped toys which will also go to the Salvation Army of Muscatine. These toys will go to children in need within the Muscatine community.

This year, the Salvation Army is doing a “toy store” instead of giving designated toys to each child. Parents will have a chance to hand-pick what toys their children will receive as an opportunity for the parents to feel more involved.

Monetary donations are appreciated as well, and red kettles can be found at the trailer as well as around Muscatine.