Go to the store to get some milk and you will likely find it in a plastic jug.  But fifty years ago, that jug of milk may have come in a glass jar. Plastics are all around us, to the point that glass is almost a thing of the past. And for a self-proclaimed klutz like myself, I am grateful.  Because glass, quite simply, is quite fragile.  It’s why we take extra care when bringing in a bottle of wine from the car, or why we put an extra layer of bubble wrap between dishes lest the glass is broken.
Though a different world than our own, in the Middle East during ancient times their equivalent to glass was clay.  It was the most common resource around, and the ancient people came to be quite excellent potters. But there was always one dilemma: clay, like glass, is fragile.  Drop the clay cistern filled with clean water from the brook and there went your water for the day.
When thinking about glass and clay, it fragile.  And, it is also incredibly vulnerable.  Make one wrong move or sudden motion and it is broken.  Perhaps that is what our lives and our world might feel like from time to time too: a beautifully crafted clay jar and yet also prone to brokenness. It would be easy to focus on the wonderful craftmanship of the jar and all the good parts of our lives.  But at the same time, we are all clay jars: one wrong move or sudden motion away from being broken.
Many of you likely know the reality of being broken.  Either you’ve experienced it or you have seen brokenness surround you. It is a reality of our lives and our world.  And yet, as a Christian, I believe that God still dares to put something valuable within each of us – even while knowing that we are fragile, vulnerable, and prone to brokenness. Even though we may fall, God still puts God’s light within each of us.
One would think that God would choose something more stable than broken human beings to offer God’s light to the world.  And yet, God chooses to put God’s light and love within you.  Even though we are vulnerable people and even though we are prone to breaking, God takes a risk and puts a treasure within you.
Search your heart. For within yourself, there is God’s treasure. God has made you a beautiful creation, and God has given you a light filled with gifts to offer the world.  So even when you feel a bit cracked or even when you’re just holding the pieces together, let your light shine. Because your treasure hidden in the clay deserves to be seen by all.