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High school students are counting down the final days of the school year and are itching for finals to be over so they can start their summer vacation! With all the excitement for summer to begin, it’s easy to want to dash through finals to get to vacation. In order to make it through that final crunch week, students need to be focused, prepared, and have their eye on the prize. Here are some tips to make it through finals week that may be beneficial to high school students.

Sleep. While it is tempting and seems like the best way to get a lot done, pulling all-nighters tends to do more harm than good. It will make you tired and unfocused during your tests, as well as throwing off your sleep schedule for exams to come.

Study with a partner. Sometimes it is more difficult to get work done and hold yourself accountable when you’re alone. Grab a friend and take turns quizzing each other or doing flash cards, or even comparing notes!
Put the electronics away. As much as we’d all like to believe that we are the best multitasker, it really isn’t the case. You can lie to yourself all day that you can study and take short texting breaks, but you’re most likely not going to be as focused as you could be on your studies. Put the phone away and focus 100% on your studies for 30 minutes to an hour before checking in on messages and social media.

Make a schedule. Don’t just wing it. Organize what finals you have when and how much studying you will need to do for each one. Organize the time wisely. If you don’t need to spend a whole hour on one subject, give yourself more time for another final. Write it down and check it off as you go. Nothing feels better than checking something off of a list.

Leave it at the door. When you’re done with the test, leave the test. Don’t beat yourself up all day over what your score will or won’t be. Your score is what it is. Be proud that you finished the semester and think about how you can improve next semester rather than beating yourself up.

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