The Pearl City Players Theatrical Society is a local community theater group that has been active for over a decade. They find talented individuals from Muscatine and surrounding areas for their productions and musicals. This weekend was the opening of their latest production, “Wedding Belles.”


This play tells the story of four garden club ladies who meet a young girl who has come to their town to marry an infantry man before he ships off to World War II. The women decide to throw the girl an elaborate wedding, and their lives and friendship are thrown into turmoil as they race to accomplish the nuptials in one frenzied afternoon.


A witty and impressive cast of local talent bring to life the story of the wedding “belles.” Judy Wilson played Loralee, the helpful and sweet, yet overextended hostess. Wilson is a music teacher now retired from the Muscatine School District. Retiring has not kept her from showing off her talents.


Lori Shield as BobRita kept the audience laughing for most of the production. She was sassy and not afraid to say what she wanted. Her ideas were top-notch and she was always listened to.


Pam Cantrell, another Pearl City veteran, portrayed Violet, and Ruth Crowell played the silly Glendin. Lauren Moody rounded out the cast as sweet and in-love Ima Jean.


On stage, the ladies share a palpable chemistry . Their strength as an all-female cast shows through the entire performance, making the audience laugh and cry, then bringing back the warm fuzzies at the end. The director, Matt Moody, he created each scene to perfection. Matt has been directing shows in the Quad City area for about five years. This is his first time directing for Pearl City.

Shield said that the players formed a bond of friendship throughout this production. Wilson said her character almost seemed like real life since all the cast members would meet at her house and other places to run lines and just hang out. In an interview after the show, each of the cast members expressed their love for the theater and demonstrated the camaraderie they had developed. With the talent of these local ladies, we can expect to see many more fantastic productions in the future.

Anyone can be involved with the Pearl City Players. For more information, or to join, visit Pearl City Players Theatrical Society on Facebook or