It’s an early Saturday morning that comes every October in Iowa, a day which high school students from all over the state wake up and get to school and get on a cold school bus in the dark with their instruments music and classmates. For most, this is a day that they have been preparing for since the audition selections are announced mid-summer. The Iowa All State music fesitival is one of the most famous and well known High School performing
arts festivals in the United States. Students from all over the state will audition for random judges and work to make these prestigious music ensembles, there are no classes, the little schools and big schools are all on the same playing field. Vocalists audition in quartets and have to sing parts of the selected songs and they don’t know what sections or songs they are singing until the morning of the auditions. The instrumentalists have to prepare scales to demonstrate their technical proficiency as well as perform selected literature to show they have the ability to play artfully and with emotion. This is an intense day. Muscatine’s students traveled to Washington High School where all of the students are herded into the gymnasium where a sensory overload takes place while horns and vocalists warm up on their scales, quartets try to find a quiet place where they can practice the selections and lock in their harmonies, all of this preparation, all of this passion for 5 mintues, 5 minutes to be perfect, a short interval to prove you are the best of the best in a state that has always
excelled in the arts. Muscatine’s students rose to the occasion placing 10 vocalists and 1 alternate vocalist. Mr. Jonathan Ryan, the Choir Director at MHS said they think that is the
most Muscatine has had accepted since at least 1991. Orchestra Director Jonathan Thoma had 4 Accepted,including Gabby Hartman who made the ensemble all 4 years of her high school career on the Bassoon and will be recognized at the festival. Jeff Heide’s band program had 3 accepted. It is a tremendous honor to be accepted, but it
takes tremendous courage and work ethic to even be prepared for these auditions. It is clear that the arts are alive and thriving at Muscatine High School.
MHS Vocalists sing their All State Selections live on air on KWPC AM 860.

MHS Vocalists sing their All State Selections live on air on KWPC AM 860.

Vocal Participants:
*Emma Auberg
Krystal Hidlebaugh
Camilla Mcneely
*Jaelynn Kelin
*Leah Shield
*Mollie Juehring
Zoie Stafford
*Emily Much
Kendi Jones
Allison Ryan
Emma Mauck
Elizabeth Shield
*Madison Bebber
*Donovan Peniston
*Joshua Lary
Oscar Campos
*Kaleb Drawbaugh
Grant Nolette

*Josh Pautz

**Colin Wettach

Orchestra Participants:
Ryan Simester–Cello
Brooke Steele–Cello
Leticia Gomez–Violin
*Lauren Kundel–String Bass
**Jack Eichelberger–String Bass
*Emily Fillmore–Violin
*Gabby Hartman–Bassoon
Band Participants:
Sarah Zobel–Flute
*Kristi Hartman–Bb Clarinet
Chandler Gann–Bb Clarinet
Joe Morrison–Tenor Sax
Larkin Chapman–Trumpet
Nate Thiesse–Trumpet
*Teddy Van Winkle–Trombone
Caleb Hammond–Tuba
Adam Spiegle–Percussion
(*) Accepted into the Iowa All State Music Festival
(**) Accepted as an Alternate participant to the Iowa All State Music Festival