Last week it was announced that Franklin Elementary School’s playground would be demolished due to safety concerns. The playground was constructed in the early 90s and is made of wood. There were growing concerns over splintering and maintenance, so the school board voted to demolish the structure. The cost to build a new one could be over $200,000.

When this became public, Craig Utley, President and CEO of TEAM Staffing Solutions, Inc., reached out to Franklin Principal Jason Wester. “I reached out to Jason and asked him what the plan was for recess until they built the new playground. He said they would figure something out, so I then asked if they had basketballs, soccer balls, and other outdoor games. He said they had some.” It was at this time that Utley decided that his company could help out. “I have a soft spot for kids,” said Utley. “I have two of my own, and I know kids need to exercise and get outside.”

Franklin Playground

TEAM Staffing decided to donate $5,000 to the school and the funds are earmarked for purchasing outdoor recreational toys and activities so that the children have equipment to play with and can enjoy their recess. “We wanted to give the school something they could use for the kids.”