Summer Academy helps prevent slide
By Mary Mason
Teachers at Saint Mary’s and Mathias have come up with a creative way to keep kids from suffering from the “summer slide.” The slide is a trend that sometimes happens when students are away from the classroom for a period of time and not focusing on classroom studies. Typically, skills dull, and the first few weeks of school can be spent in review mode, trying to get everyone back to the same level where they were before the break.
SSMM Pricipal Ben Nietzel says some of the teachers at the school volunteered to find a way to help prevent the slide. Once a week, teachers will notify parents and families via social media and email of the study days for the week. Students come for an hour to an hour and a half and participate in classroom style activities.
During the sessions, kids can take AR tests, learn math and science, and have a little fun as well. Students earn points for the amount of time they are there. When all the points are tallied together, the students win a collective prize. Nietzel says last year’s prize was a swimming party.
An averages of 40 to 50 students are present for the voluntary sessions of what is now known as Summer Academy. Many students are dropped off, while others ride bikes or walk in order to participate.
The Summer Academy is open to all students who attend SSMM from grades 2 through 6.
Children who do not attend SSMM can help prevent the slide by participating in events such as the Musser Public Library summer reading program. For more information on summer reading, contact the library at 563-263-3065.