On Friday, May 4, Muscatine resident Douglas Sywassink was having a normal day of spring cleaning when he came across a piece of treasure that led to a new connection.

Sywassink was going through old boxes that morning and organizing items from up to 25 years ago. He came across the last box of items that morning when he was worn out.

“I was frustrated going through all of these boxes. I was ready to just throw this one out,” says Sywassink.

Instead, he opened the box, and when he saw some old pictures, he decided he should go through it. In doing so, he found a class ring.

While this is a flashback of old high school memories for some people, Sywassink knew this ring did not belong to him. He found the ring back in 1994 when he was working in Hampton, Illinois. The ring was from the class of 1993, so the owner hadn’t even had the ring for a whole year before losing it there.

Sywassink picked up the ring and put it in his pocket. He moved from state to state before coming back to Muscatine, where he’d completely forgotten about the ring up until that Friday morning.

Right after finding the ring again, Sywassink started his research. The class ring was from Riverdale High School in Port Byron, Illinois. The ring was from the class of 1993 and had the name Jack on it. Sywassink contacted Riverdale High School and looked up their graduating class of 1993, where he found one Jack. Then he found Jack on Facebook and reached out to him.

“It’s something that I would want done for me,” says Sywassink.
After 25 years of moving this ring around, Sywassink and Jack plan to meet up in the next month or two to exchange the ring.