The students at Muscatine High School are making continual efforts to raise funds for those in need. Whether through a food drive, a coat drive, or fundraising for a charity, they are always working to support their community. 


Each year, Muscatine High School holds an event called Senior Survivor. This fundraiser raises money for several charities while confronting student participants with mental and physical challenges. During the week, the students perform different challenges while running on little sleep, no luxuries, and, on top of it all, keeping up with their school work. 


The Senior Survivor event takes place in March. Right now, students are competing through fundraising to participate in Senior Survivor. Seniors pair up in male-female teams to fundraise money for a charity of their choice. The teams are currently selling baked goods or other food to their classmates as well as gathering donations from local businesses and others in the community. The fundraising can be as unique or fun as students want to make it. Students in the past have made donuts, pancakes, and even tamales. 


Currently, seven couples are competing for spots. The six pairs that raise the most money get to participate in Senior Survivor. 


Paige Miller and Antonio Melendez are raising money for University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. They chose this organization because Antonio’s younger sister, Taya, is a former patient of the hospital. 


“Raising money for such an awesome organization is super cool, and I can’t wait to see what Antonio and I accomplish in the next several weeks,” says Paige. 


The students will continue raising money throughout the next month. To donate to any of their causes, contact Muscatine High School.