Senior Survivor has been a top fundraiser at Muscatine High School in recent years. Each year, seniors who want to participate in the challenge pair up as a team and fundraise for a charity of their choice. After they choose their partner and charity, they begin the fundraising process. Groups have four weeks to raise as much money as they can. They usually do things like sell baked goods, get donations from local businesses, and hold fundraisers throughout the community. Fourteen teams, each consisting of two seniors, fundraise to be a part of Senior Survivor, but after the initial four weeks only the top six couples who raised the most money get to continue on and compete in the final phase of Senior Survivor.

The six groups who raised the most money and will continue on in Senior Survivor are: Peter Hutton and Kelsey Vasquez, raising money for the Dance Marathon St. Ambrose; Matt Shellabarger and Macy Marrow, raising money for MCSA; Kirkland Thompson and Izet Murillo, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project; Ben Morgan and Jadan Meeks, raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation; Collin Campbell and Jacelyn Daniels raising money for Operation Homefront; and Duncan Snider and Regan France, raising money for Autism Speaks. These top six teams alone raised $9,618.20 and the $3,897.88 from the additional eight teams in the initial round brings the total to $13,516.08 so far.

Now that these six teams have raised the most money and qualified for Senior Survivor, they will spend four days and three nights in the high school. They can only leave for college classes and sporting events. While they are at the high school, they will continue fundraising and will be competing in a variety of mental and physical challenges. Matt and Macy have done things like selling baked goods and asking for donations from family and friends. Alone they raised a little over $1,500. They are going to continue asking for donations, as well as asking friends and family to wear pink to community challenges to support them. Points are tallied based off of how much money is raised and how well a team completes the challenges.

Good luck to all of the Senior Survivor competitors! If you would like to donate to one of the listed charities, contact Claire Mueller at Muscatine High School.