In April, the Muscatine City Council voted to approve a temporary conversion of Second Street to a two-way street. This conversion process took place on June 14. As we enter the fall season, the transition has gone “relatively smoothly,” according to Muscatine Chief of Police Brett Talkington. “We haven’t had any real issues with it from a police standpoint.”

Andrew Anderson, a realtor for Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors whose office is at 226 E Second Street, told the Voice of Muscatine, “It makes it so much faster to get to where I need to go.” Citizens were concerned that the change would slow traffic down and make it more difficult to find a parking space. Anderson said, “I haven’t personally noticed any issues with parking, or any slowdowns with parked cars in traffic.”

Anderson has also noticed a benefit to Second Street being restored to its original direction. “I notice the architecture a lot now. It was originally designed as a two-way, and driving towards Mulberry and Park Avenue, you can see how the buildings were designed to be viewed by cars traveling that way. First National Bank, for example, has a really neat view coming from that direction.”

Jeff Hunt, who owns Neal’s Sewing Center at 309 E Second Street, said, “I haven’t really noticed a difference. I don’t hear any complaints. It has been an adjustment, but people seem to be adjusting just fine.”