In April, the Muscatine City Council voted to approve a temporary conversion of Second Street to a two-way street. This conversion process is scheduled to begin as early as June 13. The effort will include new signage to indicate two-way traffic, and new lines will be painted on the pavement. During the initial phase of the directional change, the Muscatine Police Department will be present to help guide citizens through the conversion.

The council elected to administer this change as a way to alleviate traffic congestion during the Mississippi River Drive Corridor project. The MRDC project is anticipated to take nearly two years to complete. The decision as to whether or not to leave Second Street two-way permanently has not yet been made. Should the conversion become permanent, some minor construction would be required to create more parking spaces and new truck loading and unloading zones.

The MRDC project is designed to be a complete street project which will elevate the street to handle flood water better, as well as provide better pedestrian access.