Muscatine County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) along with Jean Scott would like to remind seniors of the 2016 Diane Scott Memorial $1,000 Scholarship.  The scholarship was established in memory of Diane Scott who had a love for nature and enjoyed the outdoors.

The requirements for the applicants are as follows: applicant must live in Muscatine County, emphasis will be given to students who are pursuing natural resource or agriculture careers, and applicant will be expected to volunteer 30 hours at SWCD office to be eligible to receive the scholarship funding. Applications are being accepted until March 21, 2016.

The applicants are asked to answer such questions as what career goal(s) they have at this time and why they have chosen to pursue this career as well as what part-time and summer jobs they have held and how the jobs have helped in the choice of their career. They will also be asked to describe what they feel are the major environmental problems America is facing and the difference they hoped to make in working to solve these problems.

As seniors pursue higher educational goals, we at Muscatine SWCD encourage all to be active in the protection of our precious natural resources. Do not forget to contact your student counselor or the Muscatine Soil & Water Conservation District office at 3500 Oakview Drive Muscatine or 563-263-7944X3 for the 2016 Diane Scott Memorial $1,000 Scholarship application.