It’s hard to believe that RAGBRAI is upon us already. As you’re reading this, I’m pedaling my way through day three, or possibly day four, of my trek across Iowa. Making this journey across our beautiful state is something I’ve dreamed of for more than a decade. Unfortunately, I had convinced myself that the dream was too big and the ride too massive for me to ever make it across the entire state on a bicycle. I’m not sure what changed, but I’m glad my brain finally got in line with my heart.
For me, RAGBRAI isn’t just an extra, extra long bike ride. It’s a week full of opportunities. It is an opportunity to share another adventure with my husband as we “camp out” (with thousands of other people), and you know I’ll be taking the opportunity to stop and taste the deliciousness of RAGBRAI. Everyone raves about the pie, and even though I’m not a pie eater, I might have to try a slice just to say I did. Of course, it’s a chance to meet people from new places, make new friends, and see new parts of Iowa as well as some familiar parts from a whole new perspective. And, especially this year, it’s an opportunity to share our town with loads of visitors on two wheels and an opportunity for those visitors to experience our welcoming and beautiful town of Muscatine.

I knew this week would be hot and I knew it would be messy, but I also knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity (no, I don’t plan on going again). I mean, who loves people more than me? Taking this trip with 30 other riders, who are also supporting MCSA and all they do for Muscatine, is going to be incredible. I know it sounds crazy to some, and it might sound like a blast for a few, but for me personally it’s a joy to conquer my fears and do things I never thought I could. You should hear the giggle that escapes me each time I climb a hill that seemed impossible just five short months ago. I can’t wait to see that mighty Mississippi River and dip my tire in celebration. I’ll see you at the riverfront on Saturday!