River City Rhythm, Muscatine’s varsity show choir, is made up of 69 singers, dancers, crew members, and instrumental combo members. RCR is an ensemble that travels and competes both in and out of the state of Iowa against other show choirs from all over the Midwest. This season their schedule includes trips to Johnston, IA, Mt. Pleasant, IA, Davenport, IA, Brodhead, Wisconsin and Cedar Rapids, IA. They hosted the River City Showcase in January.

For this year’s seniors it will be the last competition show they take part in. The show themes over the four years they have been in Muscatine show choir have gone from Romeo and Juliet (with a twist), Billy and Red (with a twist), Life, and Masquerade. Every show RCR does is created by their directors. The Romeo and Juliet show was created by Nick Oswald and Adam Peters, while Billy and Red, Life, and Masquerade were created by Jonathan Ryan and Adam Peter’s.

The class of 2016’s final show with RCR takes the viewer into a masquerade. A world unfolds where the strong flee to cover, and the weak stand tall. Everyone is unified and feel as if they’re the best, until the new girl shows up. She’s different and stands out, which catches the boys attention. The other girls don’t like that and try to flaunt themselves in front of the boys and bully the new girl. The outcast girl begins to think that she doesn’t belong and wants to be special. As others tear her down a few people step up and admit their insecurities too. Soon everyone realizes they’re just trying to belong to one another and everyone wants to be themselves.

Come see RCR at one of their upcoming competitions to see how the show ends.

RCR is always remembered everywhere they go for their creative shows and their unforgettable messages. In these past four years RCR has won three grand championships. You can still catch RCR at their last competition at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School on March 5th. Keep posted for possible upcoming community performances of RCR. You can check out their past shows by searching River City Rhythm on youtube.com.