Muscatine, IA – Approximately 1,000 riders will gather in Muscatine on Friday, July 22 to join other riders or charter buses en route to Glenwood, the starting point for RAGBRAI XLIV. While most of the riders will stay in the designated campground, some prefer to stay with local residents when that option is available.


Local organizers want to make that option available so the Muscatine RAGBRAI Housing Committee is looking for volunteers to provide overnight parking for motor homes, space for tents, floor space, beds, and/or bathroom facilities.


Guests will arrive during the afternoon or evening on Friday and will leave early Saturday morning. Many riders will also look for hosts on July 30, after they have completed their cross-state journey. Riders will be well-behaved, appreciative and respectful guests and the hosts’ hospitality will help improve the riders’ RAGBRAI experience. Riders share homestay experiences long after the ride has ended, as do hosts.


Hosts are expected to provide riders with a place to sleep (or camp) and access to a bathroom and shower. Anything beyond that is up to the individual host – hosts are not required to feed guests, entertain guests or provide them with amenities such as towels, soap or shampoo. Riders are required to provide their own transportation. Guests will be matched to hosts, but hosts have the final approval. This is a voluntary community hospitality effort so hosts are not allowed to charge for accommodations.


This is an excellent opportunity to share in the RAGBRAI experience in a non-riding role, along with volunteering for support roles when RAGBRAI concludes in Muscatine on Saturday, July 30th.


Residents can sign-up to host riders online at Questions on hosting riders can be directed to [email protected]


Other volunteer opportunities are listed on for Muscatine residents.