In the last couple of months, Muscatine has been witness to many violent acts, including stabbings and gun violence. As this may be raising concern in the community, Muscatine Police Officer Jirak talks to the Voice of Muscatine about these incidents and how to prevent violence to make Muscatine a worry-free place to live.

One way Officer Jirak suggests that we avoid this violent behavior in the future is to start at home. Parental involvement within the family structure is extremely important to a child growing up and will influence how they behave in the future. Jirak also thinks the community could benefit from community service programs involving police and the public. This will get the community more involved in what the police force is doing to stop violent crime.

As a community, citizens need to take responsibility for their own neighborhoods. If you see criminal activity taking place, call the police right away in order to help stop the problem before it progresses. Violent situations are not a time to sit back and watch; take action by calling 911. Do not involve yourself in the situation, for your safety and the safety of others.

Muscatine has been through violent streaks like this before, but it is not possible to get rid of all of the violence at once. The Muscatine Police Department is doing their part by locating the perpetrators of these crimes, charging them, and incarcerating them. Be a good neighbor by reporting crime as soon as you see it.

“The violence occurring in our community is very manageable, but the police cannot be everywhere, so input from the community is vital toward combatting crime. Overall, Muscatine is a very safe place to live,” says Jirak.

Continue to do your part to keep Muscatine a safe place to live by treating others with respect and not escalating the problem. Call 911 right away if you are witness to or victim of any violence.