Dozens of Muscatine area residents gathered on Wednesday, January 4 to hear about preliminary plans for the upcoming Grandview Avenue Corridor Project.

Members of the Environmental Protection Agency were on hand, along with engineers from Stockwell Engineering, the firm chosen to design the project.

The project is still in the preliminary phases. The first step was for the EPA and Stockwell to investigate and analyze the needs of the area. This process was completed through a series of visits conducted in the fall.

The second phase of the project involves presenting preliminary design concepts to the public and various stakeholders in town and receiving their feedback.

The upcoming project has been broken into five separate areas for design purposes: the US Hwy 61 intersection, the intersection with Houser Street and Sampson Street, the Briers Ditch area, the intersection with Warren and Oregon, and the stretch between Bond Street and Franklin Street.

Each of these areas offer distinct design needs.

The intersection of Highway 61 and Grandview can be viewed as an entry point to Muscatine. The goal when designing for that point is to make the space welcoming as well as functional for the large amount of truck traffic that flows through on a daily basis.

Two design options were presented, the first including a possible roundabout and the second involving decorated pavers. A bioswale was also proposed to assist in water runoff and filtration.

The intersection of Grandview Avenue with Houser Street and Sampson Street presents a challenge for designers when train traffic is taken into account. A roundabout was proposed in the first deign, with the added feature of an extended right hand turn lane to allow cars the ability to pull to the side to wait for the train to clear the intersection.

The second option presented was a more traditional design that could potentially include lengthened turning lanes and a zigzag pattern on the pavement to assist in slowing traffic.

Included in both plans is the potential to add a trailhead next to the intersection, including parking or a potential picnic area. The inclusion of the trailhead design works with current plans to expand the trail system around town that will place a walking and biking trail in that area.

The Brier’s Ditch area plans focus on drainage. Preliminary plans showed a bioswale on the outside of the street as well as the possibility of having an “eyebrow” style oval median. The area could also potentially include a trailhead with a connection to the trail system.