Area Christians have the chance to get involved with other Christians and dig into their Bible with the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon. On April 26, Governor Branstad signed the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Proclamation encouraging all citizens of Iowa to get involved in this event.
The 99 County Bible Reading Marathon is a continuous reading aloud of the entire Bible, beginning with Genesis and concluding with Revelation, taking place in front of every courthouse in Iowa. Muscatine participants will meet at the southeast corner of the courthouse in Muscatine. The reading will begin June 30 at 8:00 a.m. and will end on July 3 somewhere between 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. The organizers are looking for 320 volunteers from each county in Iowa to read the Bible in 15-minute increments outside all of the courthouses in Iowa. Half of the counties in Iowa are already signed up to take part in this event.
A marathon reading in Des Moines took 80 hours. Volunteers read the Bible aloud in increments for three days. Deb Iliff attended the event in Des Moines earlier this year and got to see it all play out.
“It was interesting to see all of the different personalities come out,” Iliff says.
The hope is to get people talking and asking questions about the event in hopes that more people will get involved. The organizers are working to make this a county-wide effort, bringing together Christians or anyone else who is interested, of any age, to participate in Muscatine County’s Bible Reading Marathon.
They are still looking for more volunteers, so if you would like to get involved in this event, please contact Deb Iliff at [email protected]