I had the pleasure of being invited to the Madison School awards banquet on Wednesday, May 25 and I am happy to share with you that they are doing GREAT things there. School staff gave out awards ranging from perfect attendance to leadership and recognized students who were leaders in in the school, including lunch helpers, bus helpers, kindergarten helpers, and more. During my visit, I was amazed at the warmth that I felt from the moment I walked into their school. The staff were all friendly and the students were so respectful and kind.

Madison, along with Franklin School, received the School of Excellence Imagine Learning award, which is given to the top schools in each product category based on usage, implementation, and other criteria. For the 2017-2018 school year, 90 schools out of over 20,000 received the School of Excellence award.

The school had an attendance goal of 96% and just missed reaching that goal by 1%. During the awards ceremony they paid special tribute to a family who ALL had perfect attendance this year. Mrs. Poppe and her children Allison, Anneliese, and Ethan were all proud to be among other students getting perfect attendance.

I asked Mrs. Poppe what her secret was and she said, she helps her kids understand that mommy has a job to do and they have a job to do every day at school. They are there to learn and she is there to teach. She also mentioned that her students have recognized that she is always there and feels that being a constant in their lives helps them as well.

At the end of the ceremony, staff announced to students that their goal at Madison was to increase reading proficiency of students in grades K-5 from 74.8% to 85% from May 2017 to May 2018. Mrs. Zillig was happy to report that they met their goal! To celebrate, all of the staff had bags of confetti that they tossed into the air above the students, and the excitement filled the gym. Way to go, Madison Mustangs!