Insert dramatic headline that gets you to share before reading here! If I had to say that I made a New Year’s resolution, it would be to read more. Specifically, I have been trying to do a better job of reading things before hitting the “share” button on places like Facebook. In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of upset people clicking “share” on everything without perhaps reading the article first.

We’re all busy people; trust me, I understand that 100%. Between our families, work, and extracurricular activities, the amount of time we have in a day to really focus is limited. Add smartphones into the mix, and it can be really tough to take time to even read through the shortest of articles. Social media provides us with that instant gratification that comes when you share something with your friends and they starting hitting “like.” Or, in the new Facebook universe, using the heart icon, angry face, sad face, and whatever other faces exist—I don’t pay them much attention, if I’m being honest.

My charge to you is to take time to read something that you’re about to share out into the world. I can’t sit here and tell you how or what to do while you’re online, and that’s not my intention. But imagine if all of us worked on pausing, reading, analyzing, and then deciding if something is worthy of occupying space on our timeline—the world would be a better place.

The misinformation epidemic has gotten so out of control that sites like Facebook are monitoring content and apply filters to keep fake news from causing a frenzy. Locally, folks are upset over a couple of stories where the lack of information is leading to speculation about what’s really happening. Instances like that call for a word that I’m all too familiar with: patience! I have struggled my entire adult life with patience, but I also realize, as the old saying goes, that “good things come to those who wait.”