Full Service Westside

The reality is, I keep getting older, and I’m probably not alone in feeling that (to quote Steve Miller) “time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future.” Just the other day (summer of 2005) I was sitting in the Prudential Plaza in downtown Chicago starting my internship at 105.9 WCKG radio station.

The first day, I was the low man on the totem pole. I sat in an office for four hours and typed out what was being said during the show. I remember feeling like I had not accomplished much, but I was interning at a radio station in Chicago and I was determined to learn something.

The next day, I arrived to find that the interns who I worked with the previous day had completed their time and I was the head intern. Wow, what a difference 24 hours can make! I went from sitting in the office typing the show log to hanging outside the studio doing whatever they needed. That included taking cabs to pick up food, greeting guests, and even one time going to a store to purchase City Slickers and a twelve pack of pop. The life of an intern can be glamorous! Did I mention my three and a half month stint was unpaid?

Fast forward to 2017 and 10 years under my belt in radio, I’m the one working with interns and it’s a trip. Recently, we’ve brought on a young man named Mason who is learning a variety of things connected to the radio business. I’m finding myself having to teach Mason skills that I use on a daily basis and that has been rewarding and challenging. I work quickly, so this has been an exercise in slowing down to make sure that he is learning and then allowing him to get familiar with our computer system and equipment in the studios.

When I started at St. Ambrose University, I was a Secondary English Education Major with a plan to teach high school English as my career. While I didn’t become a teacher, my career has allowed me to instruct those interested in the radio field. Quite honestly, I’d love to become an adjunct teacher at a place like Muscatine Community College in the communications department. While I don’t assume to know everything, I have been in this business for a while, and the notion that I might be able to inspire and inform the next generation seems like the right thing to do.

Full Service Westside