It finally happened. After I made it almost to the end of January without getting sick, Mr. Cold showed up at my house. I’d been doing a really good job (I thought) washing my hands, wiping down my work spaces, and keeping our house as disinfected as possible. No luck. As I write this, my face feels like someone is pushing it while at the same time pinching my nose closed. I’m congested, and let me tell you how that makes me sound on the radio: not good!

So what is the best remedy to clear my aforementioned nostrils? I’ve taken things like Sudafed and NyQuil and increased the amount of vitamin C I ingest, to no avail. A listener sent me a text at the radio station (on the Krieger text line, shameless plug) recommending I turn to the bottle—of hot sauce! They claimed hot sauce is the key to clearing my stuffed sinus! The only problem is, when it comes to hot sauce(s) and my stomach, the two are far from friends. I shared on my radio show that if I attempted the hot sauce cure, I’d have to follow that up with a handful of Tums.

Twice a year, I’m good for some type of cold, and I really cannot complain considering my overall health (despite being a bit chubby) is good. I’ve written in the past how I become a giant man-baby when I’m sick, and the same is true in 2017. All I want to do is rid myself of this and continue being healthy. I ask you, friends, what are some at-home cold remedies that you rely on during the winter? My late Grandma Marge would advise a hot toddy, a mixture of whiskey, rum or brandy along with hot water, honey, lemon and cinnamon. If that’s the case and it will cure me of this, then bartender, make mine a double—during non-working hours, of course. Feel better—spring is on the way.