Spend a few minutes at Riverfront Park or walking along the mighty Mississippi River and take it in: progress is happening in Muscatine! I was at the park with my mom, Sheila, and my two kids, Henry and Theodore, and it was the first time I really stopped to appreciate what’s ahead for the Pearl City.

Seeing how close the gorgeous Merrill Hotel & Conference Center is to completion gave me a feeling of pride. Watching the construction crews work tirelessly along Mississippi Drive, raising the street level and taking the vision from a design plan to reality, is so impressive. I’ll always be someone who is a champion for the place I live and work because I truly care. Muscatine has been very good to my family and me, and over the last five years I’ve tried to give back as much as possible.

Another exciting project that is nearing completion is the Muscatine Power & Water Fiber to the Home. By now you’ve seen the vehicles across town with the AEG logo on the side of them. Those crews have worked nonstop ensuring that we’re ready for fiber internet to arrive. So many great benefits will be felt from the arrival of fiber for residents, businesses, and schools. It’s a great time to be in Muscatine!

We’re not perfect—no city is—but it seems the areas that need improvement are easily identified and able to be corrected. What more can I do for this community? I’ve kicked the tires of thinking maybe I’d run for mayor or city council. Seems like those deadlines are fast approaching and quite honestly, having never been in politics, I don’t really know what to expect.

I do know that Muscatine needs to continue down this path of progress and doing the right thing. Maybe I’ll wait a couple years before I put my toe in the politic waters. Plus, I have no idea how much those yard signs cost!